The accreditation board has picked up that there are several foreign tertiary institutions and online universities in Ghana that operate without accreditation. They have been identified and warned by the National Accreditation Board (NAB) to regularise their operations or close down completely.

The affected institutions and universities have been given time until 31 October 2014 to regularise their operations with the board. Institutions and universities failing to comply by these procedures will be handed over to law enforcement.

The National accreditation Board also advised the public to pay special attention to the legal status of tertiary institutions they are about to enrol with. Failing to do so will only leave themselves to blame.

According to the NAB Act 744 of 2007 – all foreign tertiary education institutions and online institutions have to either register with or undergo assessment by the board for accreditation to operate legally in Ghana.

The NBA board also advised that certificates or credentials issued by these institutions who failed to register for accreditation would not be evaluated or handled by the NAB.