Can I Become Successful Without a Degree? 

Some people believe that if they don’t have a degree, they can’t be successful in life. That’s not the case. You can still make a handsome income without it. Want to know what careers you can pursue without a degree? The possibilities are endless. You can enroll for Accredited as well as Non-Accredited Programs. 

What’s the Difference Between Accredited and Non-Accredited Courses?

The quality of education you receive for both mainly depends on the institution you choose to study with. Both are useful and each serve a purpose. Non-Accredited courses are perfect for those who want to learn a new skill set that allows them to enter a specific industry. They hold no professional recognition, but are recognised by employers. With Accredited Courses, the program must meet the industry standards set by the South African Qualification Authority. Accredited qualifications are nationally recognised by other learning institutions. 

What Jobs Can I Get Without A Degree?

Now that you know the difference between the two, you can explore the following career options and find a course that best suits you and your needs. Here’s your non-degree career options:

HR Careers

You can explore your options in the HR Career field. Why not become a HR Manager, Recruiter, HR Consultant or HR Administrator. 

Office Careers

If you dream of working in an office setting, why not explore these options. You can become a Secretary, Office Administrator, Assistant and Account Manager. 

Management Careers

Do you have incredible leadership skills? Put them to the test and explore this career field. Some of the career options Supply Chain Manager, Sales Manager, Business Manager and Project Manager. 

Accounting Careers

Yes, you can become an Accountant without a degree. You can even become one without matric. All you have to do is enroll for one of the prestigious ICB Courses. There are also other Accounting Career options you can explore. 

IT Careers 

You don’t need a degree in Computer Science to work in the IT industry. A diploma or certificate could help you land a great job with amazing benefits. 

Marketing Careers

Allow your creative mind and your analytical skills help you land a job in Marketing. Here you can read more about this incredible career field. 

Tourism Careers

Help others make their holiday dreams come true and use the chance to share your expertise. A career in Tourism is quite exciting and rewarding. Why not explore some of these options

Photography Careers

A chance to earn a handsome salary, choose your own hours, and help capture incredible memories. Who would say no to that? Here’s some of the Photography Careers you can explore.

Beauty Careers

This career field allows you to become self-employed and spread joy through your grooming services. Click here to view some of the options you can explore in this field. 

Childcare Careers

Do you adore kids and would love to contribute to their growth? Then a career in Childcare is just for you. Keep them safe in your care and help them discover the world.